Welcome to the Algebra and Combinatorics Group webpage. We are one of the research groups in Mathematics at the University of St Andrews.

Our research expertise covers groups and semigroups, and ranges from highly theoretical considerations to development of computational methods. We study combinatorial, structural and algorithmic problems in both finite and infinite groups and semigroups. In addition, we have interests in combinatorics, usually from an algebraic, geometric and computational viewpoints.

The St Andrews group has a long history of research in Algebra. We have been organising the Groups St Andrews series of conferences since 1981. Some of our members are involved in the development of the GAP system for computational discrete algebra, while some are responsible for the MacTutor History of Mathematics archive. We are co-founders of the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Computational Algebra (CIRCA), which provides a link between the computational end of our research and our colleagues in the School of Computer Science.